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9 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Eyelashes

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9 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Eyelashes

Interesting Eyelashes Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Lashes – we all have them and they’re an important part of everybody’s makeup routine. But how much do you actually know about lashes?

You may think that there’s nothing much to know. You apply mascara on your lashes daily and it makes your eyes really pop, but there’s nothing really interesting about them.

Or is there?

There are actually quite a few interesting eyelashes facts you probably don’t know. For example, they have a much bigger role than being just an accessory, it’s actually possible to grow them longer, and there are many things you do regularly that actually cause damage to your lashes. So let’s explore 9 surprising things you never knew about lashes.

1. Your Lashes Are Actually a Protective Shield

You may think that your lashes are there just to make your prettier and more attractive. But eyelashes actually have a more important role – they protect your eyes. You can view them as protective shields that defend you against anything that’s trying to get into your eyes like dust, dirt, sweat, water, etc.

The only problem is that sometimes eyelashes themselves can get into your eyes which can be very uncomfortable. I bet you experienced a small lash hair falling into your eyeball and you just can’t get it out no matter how skillfully you prod into your eyes.   

2. Many Small Creatures Live on Your Lashes

I know this sounds quite disturbing and scary, but your lashes are actually full of little mites. But don’t stress, they’re actually here to help. Known as Demodex, these tiny mites help clean your lashes and protect you against infections.

3. Eyelashes Are Almost All Protein

Did you know that your eyelashes are practically made only out of protein?

That’s right, lashes are 97% keratin, just like your hair, but can you guess what’s the other 3 percent? Well, it actually water. Who knew?

Although you might think it’s totally irrelevant what your lashes are made out of, this is actually very important information.


Since they almost all keratin, just like your hair, that means you need to care for them the same way you do your hair. That means regular cleaning, conditioning, and moisturizing.

 4. Eyelashes Require Cleaning

If you want to have bold and strong lashes, you need to take good care of them. Eyelashes are probably the one type of hair on your body that gets the least attention, treatment-wise.

The easiest way to clean them thoroughly is by using a cotton pad and gentle baby shampoo.

5. You Can Actually Grow Longer Lashes

You might think that the only way to get longer lashes is to apply falsies, but there’s actually a way to make your natural eyelashes grow longer.

Products like Xlash Eyelash Serum actually stimulate the growth of your lashes so they become longer and fuller. Not only that, but Xlash Serum also conditions your eyelashes and makes them stronger which reduces shedding and breakage. It is absolutely safe to use and you will see results in just one month.

How awesome is that?

So get rid of those nasty false eyelashes and grow your lash hairs naturally.

6. Cheap Curlers Damage Your Lashes

Curlers are a perfect tool for curling your lashes and making them sexier. And you might think that any curler will do, but there’s actually a good reason why you shouldn’t choose the cheapest $3 curler – it can cause a lot of damage to your precious lashes.

Low-quality curlers are too hard on the sensitive lash hairs which results in breakage and shedding, and I’m sure that’s not what you want. So I recommend that you invest in a high-quality eyelash curler like Xlash which will protect your eyelashes while still giving you that nice curl.

7. Lashes Shed Constantly

Even though you might not notice it that often, your lashes fall off quite a bit. Did you know that you actually shed up to five hairs every single day?

Sounds scary, right?

But don’t worry, as you probably noticed, you never lose all of your lashes at once. The hairs are in different growth phases so you luckily always have some left.

However, in some cases, your eyelashes can shed too much or break often. That means they’re in very bad shape. But luckily, there’s a simple solution for that – eyelash growth serums.

8. Low-Quality Mascara Can Harm Your Eyelashes

You might think that it’s not important what kind of mascara you use, as long as you get great results, but that’s far from the truth. Low-quality mascaras contain, you guessed it, low-quality ingredients. That results in damaged, sparse, and unhealthy lashes.

So in order to avoid that, I recommend that you use Xlash Mascara. It is top quality, affordable mascara that you can use without any fear of causing harm to your lashes. Xlash Mascara actually conditions your lashes and makes them stronger and healthier because it contains quality ingredients and vitamins.

9. Lash Extensions Destroy Your Natural Eyelashes

You might that eyelash extensions are the best and easiest way to get longer and more dramatic lashes, but that’s far from the truth. Although extensions look great when you get them, once you decide to remove them and get back to your natural lashes, you might not have any.

Eyelash extensions can cause irreparable damage to the delicate hairs and you’ll end up with weird-looking, sparse lashes.

So how do you enhance your eyelashes without getting extensions?

The answer is: Xlash Eyelash Serum.

Xlash Eyelash Serum

This advanced eyelash serum will stimulate hair growth, increase volume, and keep your lashes healthy. In just 28 days of use, your lashes will be completely transformed and absolutely flawless!


Hopefully, you enjoyed finding about these interesting eyelash facts. Who knew that lashes could be so surprising?

So don’t neglect your precious eyelashes and take good care of them because they’re really worth it!

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