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5 Major Mascara Mistakes You're Probably Making (And What to Do Instead)

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Common Mascara Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you one of those girls who still struggles when putting on your mascara? Although applying a mascara might seem like an easy job all of us do daily, it’s actually not that simple to apply it properly.

There are so many mistakes girls do which results in smudges or huge lumps of mascara on your lashes which is definitely not a good look. But don’t worry, there’s still hope.

We’re going to go through 5 major mascara mistakes you’re probably making and I’m going to explain what you should instead and how to avoid it. If you want your lashes to be absolutely perfect, then you shouldn’t skip this article.

Mistake #1: You’re Using a Low-Quality Mascara

The cheapest mascaras are always so tempting, but guess what? They’re usually low quality and contain ingredients that are bad for your lashes and you won’t get the results that you want. Not to mention that low-quality mascaras dry out so quickly, they’re not even worth buying.

If you want an affordable mascara that’s high-quality and won’t get dry after two weeks, you should try Xlash.

Xlash Mascara

Xlash is a carbon black mascara that will suit all of your needs. Not only does it make your lashes fuller and bolder, but it also provides key nutrients to the hairs and makes them healthy and strong.

If you want a versatile mascara, then Xlash is your best bet. It has a curved brush that enables easy application and never gets lumpy or flaky. What I also love about Xlash mascara is the packaging! It comes in an elegant and luxurious box which makes a perfect photo for your Instagram feed.

Mistake #2: Your Mascara Applying Technique Is All Wrong

If you’re not getting good results with your mascara, the chances are that your technique is all wrong and hasn’t been updated for years.

Most girls simply swipe one or two coats under their top lashes and call it a day. This technique will not create those luxurious lashes you have been dreaming of. Here’s what you should do instead.

Tip #1

If you watch professional makeup artists, you’ll notice that they also apply a coat on the upper side of the top lashes, not just the underside. However, make sure you do this first because you don’t want your lashes to be saggy.

Tip #2

The best way to apply your mascara is to wiggle the brush, starting from the root of your lashes, going up. That will evenly disperse the mascara and it’s less likely that you’ll end up with lumps.

Tip #3

Don’t pump your mascara brush too much! If you have a lower quality mascara, pumping it a few times each time you apply will dry out your mascara in no time. Not to mention you’ll end up with lumpy lashes, which is not a good look. So it’s best that you do both top and bottom lashes in one go.

Tip #4

It’s also important that you remove the excess product before you apply the mascara.

However, if you want to get an extra coat on, I recommend that you use Xlash mascara, which will not dry out like other products.

Mistake #3: You’re Applying Too Many Mascara Layers

Most girls think that you need to apply a million layers of mascara to get that full and sexy look, but that’s just not the case. If you apply too many mascara layers, you’ll end up with sticky and lumpy lashes which simply don’t look good. This happens especially with lower quality mascaras which are simply not designed to handle multiple layers.

Instead, stick with just a couple of layers and get a quality mascara like Xlash. That way you’ll get amazing results and your eyelashes will be long, full, and gorgeous.

Mistake #4: Smudging Mascara All Over Your Face

This is what I have been struggling for years. I would try to apply my mascara, but then I would end up in a huge mess with mascara smudging all over my face. It also used to happen after I applied it which is even worse because I would be walking around with black smudges or flecks around my eyes without even knowing.

So how to avoid that?

The first thing that helped me apply my mascara better and not smudging it was finding a mascara with a great brush. I have found that Xlash curved brush was perfect to handle.

Another thing that help was using an eyelash brush which helped to remove any excess product that would otherwise end up on my face during the day.

Mistake #5: You Curl Your Lashes After You Finish Applying the Mascara

What many girls also do wrong is curling their lashes after applying the mascara. Again, that’s completely wrong.

You should begin by curling your lashes and then apply the mascara. That way you’ll get perfect lashes.

BONUS TIP: Don’t Use the Same Mascara for Years

All of us are guilty of this. You find a perfect mascara like Xlash and then you want to use it for years. But all mascaras, even the most expensive ones, have a best-by date that you should stick to.

If you use the mascara past that date, you’ll likely end up with gross, sticky lashes because either the product has dried up or there’s not enough product to use. Not to mention germs that you’ll get on your lashes which will impact the health of your eyelash and make them fall out.

So make sure to buy a new mascara regularly.


So now you know what are 5 major mascara mistakes you’re probably making and what to do instead. So next time your applying your mascara, keep these tips in mind. Your lashes will look so much better.

And use only high-quality mascaras like Xlash, it will make such a difference.

Which common mascara mistakes are you guilty of? 

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