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5 Easy Steps to Get Best Brows Ever

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5 Easy Steps to Get Best Brows Ever

A Step-By-Step Process for Perfect Brows

Having groomed and bold eyebrows does wonders to your face. It draws more attention to your eyes and makes your facial expressions more pronounced. That’s why setting up a great brow routine and using the right products is a must.

Regardless of whether you have thick, thin, straight, or arched eyebrows, you need to learn some tricks to make them stand out more and complement your face. Even though brow tinting and other techniques have become very popular recently, I recommend that you stick with natural ways to make your eyebrows flawless.

If you use the right products and tools and learn some cool brow tricks, you will get those perfect eyebrows in no time. To make things simple for you, we have put together 5 easy steps to get the best brows ever.

1. Pluck Your Brows to Get a Nice Shape

The first step to perfect brows is to shape them. Although you can wax or thread your eyebrows, plucking is still the easiest method out there. But keep in mind that you need quality tweezers with a great grip that will actually pull out the hairs, nor break them. I recommend Xbrow Tweezers which have firm closure and sharp tip that allows you to be very precise.

When shaping your brows, experts recommend that you stick to your natural brow shape. It will complement and structure your face without looking weird or unnatural. That means you should only get rid of stray hairs and remember not to over-pluck.

How Often Should You Pluck Your Brows?

This is the question on everyone’s mind. There are many different theories floating around as to how often you should tweeze your brows. Some say you should do it daily while others think it’s enough to pluck them once a month.

So what’s the truth?

Professionals say that if you want to be really diligent about maintaining your eyebrows, then should pluck a couple of hairs every three days. However, once a week is also enough. So no need to rush for the tweezers every time you see a new hair. After all, a bushy look is very trendy right now.

2. Use an Eyebrow Serum

The next step you should take to get best brows ever is using an eyebrow serum for growth. It’s perfect for women who have sparse, thin, or uneven brows because it stimulates the growth of the hairs. However, I would recommend it to everybody, no matter what kind of eyebrows you have.

Since very pronounced and bushy eyebrows are very popular, and it seems things are not going to change anytime soon, using an eyebrow serum is the perfect hack to get that bold brow look.

So what is the best eyebrow serum for maximum hair growth?

Xbrow Eyebrow Serum

If you’re looking for an affordable eyebrow serum that actually works, I recommend that you try Xbrow. In only one month of use, your brows will no longer be uneven and sparse, but bushy and bold. It is a great, natural way to enhance your brows and make them absolutely fabulous.

Simply apply Xbrow Eyebrow Serum once a day and watch the magic happen! It’s that easy.

3. Define Your Brow Shape

Now that your eyebrows are full and bold after using Xbrow Serum, the next step is defining and emphasizing them. The easiest way to do that is by using a brow pencil. Here’s all you need to know about defining your brows using a pencil to get that flawless look.

Choose the Right Pencil Color

The first thing you need to do is pick a pencil color that either matches the shade of your brows or is one tone darker. Just don’t go too dark or you’ll end up with over-emphasized brows that look quite unnatural.

Don’t Overextend Your Brow Tail

When you’re defining your brow shape with a pencil, make sure to keep the tail of your brow in check. Don’t overextend it because it will look unnatural and you might end up with droopy-looking eyes.

Use Light Strokes

Never apply thick pencil strokes on your brows because the lines will look too harsh and unnatural. Instead, use light strokes when filling out your brows.

4. Accentuate Your Arches

In order to define your brows perfectly with a pencil, you need to create a natural-looking arch. The key is to not make it too high and pointy or you’ll end up looking constantly surprised or mad.

When you accentuate your arches only slightly, you get perfectly shaped brows that everyone will notice.

Also, a cool trick is to use light concealer just under your arches to make that area stand out more and bring attention to your brows.

5. Smooth Out Any Harsh Lines

Regardless of which product you use to make your eyebrows pop, you need to smooth it out. Harsh lines result in a very unnatural look so use a brush to create a smooth look.

Also, use concealer to correct any mistakes you’ve made with the pencil.

These are the finishing touches you can make to everything look perfect and flawless.


Getting perfect eyebrows doesn’t have to be hard and hopefully, that’s the message you got from this article. These 5 steps are the easiest way to get best brows ever each time.

I would emphasize using the Xbrow Serum, especially if your eyebrows are in very bad shape and you want them to be thicker and more voluminous. It also allows you to be able to create a great brow shape either by simply plucking or using makeup as well. However, you can also get your brows done professionally to get that perfect shape.

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