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4 Tips for Thicker, Fuller Brows

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4 Tips for Thicker, Fuller Brows

How to Get Thick and Bushy Eyebrows the Easy Way?

We all know that thick, bushy eyebrows are all the rage now. That’s thanks to many celebrities and models who have embraced their naturally bushy brows. And now everybody is growing out their eyebrows.

So you’re probably wondering how to get thick and bushy eyebrows the easy way?

You’ll be happy to know that there are a couple of tips for getting that bold brow look and I’m going to explain the best ones in this article. You’re going to find out what techniques and products you need to use to get your eyebrows in shape.

Are you ready to transform your eyebrows?

Here we go!

Tip #1 Reduce Plucking Significantly

Do you know what’s one of the biggest reasons you don’t have thick eyebrows? You pluck way too often.

That’s right, most girls pluck too many hairs and do it more often than it’s actually needed. That leads to sparse and thin brows that are everything but bold. I know you want to maintain that perfect eyebrow shape, but over-plucking prevents the hairs from fully growing.

So if you want fuller brows, step away from the tweezers and just let the hairs grow for a while. Plucking a few stray hairs here and there is more than enough to maintain that nice shape but still letting your eyebrows grow thicker.

Tip #2 Provide Nourishment for Your Brows

Another great tip for thicker, fuller brows, and probably the most important one, is to provide nourishment for your brows.

You’re probably wondering, “How do I do that?”

Well, there are a couple of things you can do, but the best thing is to use an eyebrow serum. It provides your eyebrows with all of the important vitamins and minerals but also makes them grow faster and become much thicker.

Unfortunately, not every eyebrow serum works as advertised, but the one that I can personally recommend is Xbrow Eyebrow Serum.

Xbrow Eyebrow Serum

If you never heard about this amazing eyebrow serum before, Xbrow is made from powerful ingredients that stimulate hair growth. Xbrow Growth Serum provides the hair follicles with important nutrients and vitamins and stimulates cell renewal which results in gorgeously thick brows. It’s the perfect solution for uneven and sparse eyebrows.

Wondering how to use Xbrow Eyebrow Serum?

It’s so easy! Simply use the brush to apply the serum on your brows once a day and watch your brows grow! It’s important to note that you should remove all makeup before applying the serum so it’s best to use it at night, right before you go to bed.

Tip #3 Use Makeup to Enhance Your Eyebrows

Another trick for thicker, fuller brows is using makeup. However, it’s important to know how to do it right because you don’t want to end up with thick, pitch black, unnatural looking brows.

Use a Pencil to Make Your Brows Fuller

A brow pencil is a great way to make your eyebrows bolder and more pronounced. However, you need to pick the right shade first. Professionals recommend that you go one shade darker than your natural brow color. That way, you’ll emphasize your eyebrows, but everything is still going to look seamless.

If you want to make your eyebrows fuller with a pencil, use light strokes to fill them in. But remember, a few strokes is usually enough to get that bold effect, especially if you’re using Xbrow Serum and your brows are already pretty thick naturally.

Use an Eyebrow Gel

Gel is another great way to enhance your brows. It is a great product to try after you have used Xbrow Serum to make your eyebrows grow and become fuller and thicker naturally. An eyebrow gel will simply keep the hairs in place and emphasize that thick look you are going for.

Tip #4 Groom and Take Care of Your Eyebrows Regularly

Another key thing for having perfect brows is taking care of them regularly. Once you get those gorgeous thick eyebrows, you shouldn’t neglect them or just forget about them.

Regular Tweezing

In order to maintain your brow shape, it is advised that you pluck a couple of times a month to get rid of those stray hairs. You can even trim your brows if the hairs are too long, but it all depends on how bushy you want to go.

I also recommend that you get quality tweezers for plucking.


Well, some tweezers are badly made and are prone to breaking the small hairs instead of actually plucking them. And that’s not what you want. Also, you won’t be able to be as precise because it’s hard to grab one hair at the time with low-quality tweezers. And yes, you should always pluck one hair at the time. It might seem more convenient and quicker to do a couple hairs at once, but that might leave you with holes in your brows and I’m sure you don’t want that.

Eyebrow Care

You should also do treatments like exfoliation regularly to keep your eyebrows healthy. I also recommend that you continue using the Xbrow Serum to maintain the thickness and health of your eyebrows.


Not everybody is born with perfect eyebrows and years of excessive plucking perhaps left your brows in a very bad state. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your eyebrows in shape and make them flawless.

If you try these 4 tips for thicker, fuller brows, I guarantee you will get amazing results. As you can see from the article, it really doesn’t take a ton of money and effort to finally get those bold eyebrows.

It also seems like the thick brow trend is not going anywhere soon, so it’s definitely a good idea to try at least some of these great tips.

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