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10 Liquid Eyeliner Mistakes You're Probably Making and What to Do Instead

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10 Liquid Eyeliner Mistakes You're Probably Making and What to Do Instead

Let’s face it. Liquid eyeliner is not easy to apply. But what makes it worse is using the wrong techniques or wrong eyeliner type.

So if you want to learn how to apply liner perfectly, take a look at our list of 10 liquid eyeliner mistakes you’re probably making and what to do instead.

Mistake Number 1: Using Wrong Eyeliner Type

This is a very common mistake. Liquid eyeliner, like any other liner type, has its specific purpose. For example, pencil eyeliner is great for doing smoky eyes, but liquid eyeliner is best for drawing straight lines and doing a winged look.

If you’re trying to do a smoky eye look with liquid eyeliner, you’re going to fail miserably. So use liquid eyeliner only for what it is meant to do and that’s creating perfectly straight lines and wings.

Mistake Number 2: Applying Liquid Eyeliner on Bottom Lid

Although you should apply pencil eyeliner on your bottom lid as well, that’s not something you should do with liquid eyeliner. If you try drawing with a liquid liner on your water line or bottom lid, you’ll quickly is it doesn’t work at all, nor does it look good.

So only apply liquid eyeliner on your upper lid and use pencil eyeliner for the bottom lid, if needed.

Mistake Number 3: Pulling the Lid While Applying Liquid Liner

All of you have heard of this method, and you’re probably using it. But let me tell you, it’s completely wrong, especially when you’re using liquid eyeliner.

The common misconception is that pulling your lid while applying eyeliner helps you draw a perfect, straight line, but that’s not the case. Once you release the eyelid, what was a straight line while you were drawing it, is now crooked and often smudgy.

So even though this method might seem like a good idea, it’s much better to simply practice drawing straight lines. Granted, that can be pretty hard with liquid eyeliner, but it’s the only way to learn.

Mistake Number 4: Drawing a Line in One Stroke

You might think that people draw a perfect line in just one stroke, but that’s not the case. It’s possible if you’re very skilled and have a lot of experience, but most people are not in that group.

So don’t think you need to draw a line in one stroke, there are easier ways. You can first draw dots that you later connect. That’s a great method for beginners. You can even do lots of little lines, almost like sketching and then simply connect that together in one line.

It’s best that you try what works best for you and don’t expect to make a perfect line in one stroke, because barely anybody can do that.

Mistake Number 5: Using Low-Quality Eyeliner

Another common eyeliner mistake is using low-quality eyeliner. Applying liquid eyeliner is hard in and of itself so don’t make things worse by using a poor quality eyeliner that doesn’t have a good brush or smudges easily.

If you’re looking for a black liquid eyeliner, I recommend that you try Xlash Eyeliner. It has a very precise felt tip that allows you to easily draw perfect lines and wings. Xlash Eyeliner also dries very fast which means it won’t smudge as soon as you bat your lashes. Although it is not waterproof, it stays on the whole day.

Mistake Number 6: Not Using the Tape Method

If you’re a beginner at applying liquid eyeliner and simply can’t draw those perfect wings, you should definitely use the tape method. There are small eyeliner tapes you can buy that allow you to create a perfect winged look. Simply apply the tapes at an angle you wish your wings to be and use the eyeliner to create a perfect line.

Mistake Number 7: Applying Too Much Pressure

Another common eyeliner mistake is applying too much pressure. Liquid eyeliners have a very sensitive felt tip that’s designed for precision. So if you apply too much pressure, you’ll end up with very thick lines that won’t be as straight.

Instead, use only the tip of the eyeliner when drawing lines – it will look much better. If you’re looking for a very precise liquid eyeliner, I recommend that you try Xlash. It has a perfect felt tip that allows you to control the thickness of your lines and wings, which makes the application process a lot easier.

Mistake Number 8: Closing Your Eyes While Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Some people try to close their eyes or look down when applying liquid eyeliner, but that definitely won’t produce good results. You really need to see what you’re doing when applying liquid eyeliner and there’s no way to draw symmetrical lines if you don’t look closely at the mirror.

Mistake Number 9: Not Correcting Mistakes

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try, there will almost always be some mistakes when applying liquid eyeliner. Sometimes you mess it up completely and sometimes there are only minor mistakes, but what’s important is to correct them.

If you’re not satisfied at all with the results, remove the eyeliner completely and start again. Practice makes perfect, so sometimes you simply need to start again. You can also use a q-tip to correct small mistakes and correct the lines so that they’re perfect.

Mistake Number 10: Not Removing Eyeliner Before Sleep

This is a big one. Do you know how many women go to bed with their eyeliner still on?

A lot.

Not only is it very unhealthy to leave your eyeliner on because it can irritate your skin and ruin your lashes, but you also wake up to a huge mess around your eyes.

So regardless of how tired you are, always, and I mean always, remove all makeup including your liquid eyeliner.


Let’s do a quick recap. The main things you need to avoid when it comes to liquid eyeliner is using the wrong techniques and wrong eyeliner type. Concentrate on methods that will make the application process easier like the tape method. And always use a high-quality liner like Xlash Eyeliner.


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